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[08/14/15]   Good morning! Praying everyone has a blessed day!
[08/13/15]   Trying to make some improvements .. to best show case all I have to offer! Exciting changes acoming ... sorry it has been so slow .. but what is it that we say . . the best is yet to come!
[06/24/15]   Been awhile since I posted .. but back and ready to do this thannnnggggg! Lots of new products .. same great service! Keep at close check for all the exciting changes!! As always THANK YOU for your support!
[01/05/15]   I am so excited to announce that I have joined the beauty team at Turning Headz in Marianna!! I will be the exclusive nail tech so i will be continuing to service you with the same superior custom service!! So please stop by n see me! We r located at 4459 Lafayette (across from Winn Dixie) my contact numbers are as follows cell: 557-4258 or 482-5833. Keep checking for all the new products n services that ill be rolling out in the upcoming months!!!
[01/01/15]   Happy New Year!!!! Thank u for all your support this year. . Appreciate your continued patronage in 2015.. My business only grows because of YOU and for that I HUMBLY THANK YOU!!!!
[12/26/14]   The day after Christmas..all presents opened.. Pom n circumstance over.. Yet somehow i cant help but wonder when is enough enough..cause all thrill n joy the gifts bring NOTHING compares to what Jesus gives us.. Its free .. Costs nothing.. And the happiness NEVER diminishes..we cant buy it..He gives it freely.. So if u r seeking something extra special this season .. SPEND IT W JESUS.. ALLOW HIM TO GIVE U A GIFT..THE GIFT OF SALVATION. Let everyday be Christmas cause ur life will never be the same. Blessings to each n everyone!
[12/26/14]   Just spent the most wonderful Christmas w my extended family.. Holidays are not just for blood family .. For me it is my new found family consisting of my children of course..jonte n jovan new daughter gabby.. My brother n sister in christ buffy n jj n long time friend Tollie N of course my Jim n daryl n jack.. And let me not forget moro. Its amazing how God has blessed with many people in my life that i cherish.. That my friends is my best gift i have ever recieved. Thank u Jesus!!
[12/26/14]   Happy birthday Jesus..Merry Christmas to one n all!!
[12/15/14]   A friend n sister in Christ lost her mother this morning.. Jesus has welcomed another angel into His kingdom n we grieve for a lost loved one. Its in moments like this that i am reminded that everyday is a gift ..we shoukd stop wasting time trying to get the perfect gift for our loved ones this season..instead i believe this; Parents give ur children the gift of ur lineage..teach them to honor Jesus.. More importantly show them thru ur actions how to honor our King. Teach them the importance of a strong foundation one that can be built on generation to generation. I start this season with my children now 24 n 26 giving them my most cherish gift ..the love of Jesus. Thanks for letting me share.,MERRY CHRISTMAS!
[12/13/14]   Peace is found in the heart of the faithful.. So my prayer is oh Lord give me a faithful heart n spirit!!
[12/11/14]   Unlike holidays past this year is extra special..amazingly without a tree.. Without lights n minimal decorations i am enjoying the true meaning of CHRISTmas. In honor of my Saviour.. My King.. My El Shadai.. I am striving to be a better disciple..praying for those in need..helping those i can .. Not just during the holidays but all the year thru. So i challenge all within reach of this kind to one another..bless those in need with ur kindness and take a moment from the hustle n bustle to remember WHOM is the reason for this season! Merry CHRISTmas to each n everyone! Much luv
[12/04/14]   Christmas outfits going fast .. Message me if u want one. More unique gifts posting daily.. Keep checking n as always thank you for everyones support!
[12/02/14]   Holidays are upon us.. May we all remember the real meaning of CHRISTmas... So put aside all else n open our hearts to those in need.. Honor our Saviour with our service to those in need. Merry CHRISTmas!!
[11/17/14]   Good morning!! Hope everyone had great weekend.. Remember gift certificates available!! Holiday shopping made today. 569-1258
[11/04/14]   Remember we have a NEW shop number : 850-569-1258 AND November 15th gift shop will be open for Holiday Shopping .. come by and see us!
[10/16/14]   OK ladies and gentlemen .. here is the NEW shop number 850-569-1258 you should be able to reach most any time there .. unless I am servicing another client at which time PLEASE leave a message and I will be back with you promptly. My cell number also has changed 850-730-6168 HOWEVER as some of you already know I get little service on it at the shop .. so if you can not get me on the cell call the shop number. AGAIN I THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE AS I MADE THESE CHANGES .. YOUR BUSINESS IS VERY IMPORTANT AND VERY APPRECIATED!
[10/10/14]   Ok sooooo I am still fighting the phone switch service :( I appreciate everyones patience while I trudge thru this .. I THANK EVERYONE IN ADVANCE!
[10/04/14]   UPDATE: I have just switched phone carriers .. oh what an experience Soooo please accept my apologies in advance for the delay in getting back with everyone .. PAMPER ME NOW's NEW NUMBER IS 850-730-6168 so SAVE IT :) I have updated my page with my new number and will be sending out notices/text with the new number on it also .. again SORRY for any inconvenience!
[10/01/14]   Ending to productive day!! Excited to see what God has for ME tommorrow! !
[09/30/14]   GOOD MORNING..Homecoming is around the corner. . Contact me for ur one if a kind nails. . Make this,homecoming a memorable memory!
[09/26/14]   Starting day putting a set of nails on my Gracie Gracie. .yahhhhhhh
[09/25/14]   Each day each of us have cause to worry.. life can be that way.. but here is something to ponder..

[09/24/14]   Heading to Gainesville to help a friend. . Thank you God for my life.. thank you for the freedom to serve! !
[09/23/14]   Cool fall weather. . Fall festivals. . Halloween. .come see what's being new designs!
[09/22/14]   Devotional prayer too good not to share. .

Sweet sweet me from anger, resentment, and envy. When i am bitter i can not feel the peace that You intended for my life. Keep me mindful that forgiveness is Your commandment and help me to accept the past,treasure the present, and trust the future to YOU!

like i said this is me..where I'm at..thank u Lord for being on time.. had to share because this is going to be blessing for someone else today!

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