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[05/19/18]   Hi guys! Sorry I've been MIA! Things have been so crazy. I am no longer at Making The Cut in Starke to a service your skin and nail needs. Facebook won't allow me to update my info from my phone. Please message me directly for or skin and nails appointments and don't forget to come see me at Smartstyle in Macclenny for your hair needs. *****Available on location for bridal events or senior care. Ask for details:).
[03/15/18]   Hey guys! Sorry to be MIA here lately. A lot has been going on. With that said, stay tuned because some exciting things are about to take place like a new place for offering skin and nail care services as well as still offering hair services in Macclenny!!!! 😍
[01/15/18]   If a salon offered "all natural" products for manicures, pedicures, and skin care treatments that focused on using enzymes and nutrients from fruits and vegetables as well as essential oils and herbs as softening and resurfacing agents as opposed to chemicals would you go there? (Sorry for the marathon run on sentence) I already use a few "natural ingredient" products that are made fresh weekly or sometimes daily but I am considering going exclusively to this for my natural nail and skincare services.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.PLEASE SHARE so I can get as much feedback as possible.

***So excited for all the changes taking place this year :) *** Mom claims nail salon gave daughter an infection PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT AND WATCH THIS!

Please be cautious when having your nails done and if it hurts then STOP and don't let them finish! The mother took to social media to call out Latin Salon De Belleza inside Orange Park Mall. In the post, she claimed the salon gave her daughter an infection and ruined her nails. The post garnered hundreds of comments and shares.
[01/10/18]   Appointments available this week!

Call or text (904)450-0123 to schedule yours. ~Ask for Lara
[01/07/18]   Have you dipped lately?

Call (904)450-0123 to schedule your appointment!~ Ask for Lara 😍

"Downtown Starke"
[11/26/17]   The New Year is going to bring some new changes, services, and new events. Stay tuned over the next several weeks, more details are on their way :).
[11/25/17]   Thank you for all the prayers here recently. My body is on the mend post surgery :). Hope to be back in functioning as normal in the next couple of weeks. :). Much love :). 15 Holiday Beauty Hacks Every Girl Must Know The holidays are a busy time of year, and you may not have all the time in the world to perfect your makeup and hair. Or, you may not have time to go replace that die-hard product you ran out of. Well that's where this list comes in handy! Here are some... Can You Guess What Job Gave This Woman These Horrific Marks? The source of what appear to be thrash marks on a young woman’s back in a now-viral image isn’t what you’d expect. Hitesth Patel, a Leicester, England based massage therapist and healer uploaded the image of her client, Grace Campbell, to Facebook, with the caption that said her job had damaged her…
Bella Lara Esthetics & Nails
Black Based DRAG MARBLE NAIL ART Using Needle & Dotting Tool Appointments available this week! Can't wait to try this design out. I absolutely love Youtube tutorials :). #Needle And #Dottingtool Drag Marble #Nailart: Today's nail art is a black based needle and dotting tool marble nail art. Firstly apply base coat to protect ...

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