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[10/19/11]   What are Solar Nails?
Solar nails are a type of artificial nail, similar to acrylics. They have the appearance of a French manicure, with a pink nail bed and white tips. Some nail salons simply refer to regular acrylic nails in a French manicure style as solar nails, but others use a slightly different formula that offers a number of improvements over standard acrylic artificial nails.

Solar nails are often more expensive than acrylics, but they do not have to be filled as often. They should be touched up every three weeks, as opposed to every two weeks for acrylics. Solar nails are more durable than traditional acrylic products, and do not discolor in the sun or in tanning salons, whereas standard acrylics have a tendency to turn yellow over time. Some people find that solar nails have a glossier appearance than other artificial nail types that do not dull between fillings. While solar nails are resistant to cracking and chipping, it is important not to let them grow too long between fillings, or they may become more susceptible to breakage.

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